Taiwanese Snow Ice

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What is Snow Ice?

Fluffy, light and Smooth are all the goodness of Sunshine's Snow Ice.
Inspired by the local culture of Taiwan's icy treat, we are making our own layers of the flavored ice with real fruit and milk.
Each ice block is created with low calorie in mind and then shaved into an aesthetically pleasing plate of dessert. It is rich and delicious like frozen yogurt or ice cream but it is so soft that it melts like cotton candy.
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Sunshine ice Story

Fascinated by the creativity a plate of ice can bring , Icy, the owner of Sunshine Ice went all the way to Taiwan and learn the mystery of Snow Ice.
After falling in love with the softness and delicious taste of the ice, she knew she had to bring it back to the States to share it with everyone.
And that's how Sunshine Ice is born!
Dedicated to quality and authenticity, Icy is driven to make the Snow Ice as good as if you are eating it on the local streets of Taiwan.

Best From the Sunshine Ice

  • Fruit-Party-Snow-Ice

    Fruit Party Snow Ice

    Milk base flavor for the Ice, Fresh Seasonal fruits and condensed milk on the top.

  • Fruit-Slush

    Fruit Slush

    Fresh Fruits mixed with Jam and Ice cube.

  • Kiwi Strawberry Honey Toast

    Fresh kiwi,strawberry and the ice cream on the top.

  • Mango Waffle

    Homemade Taiwanese waffle with ice cream, whipped cream, and fresh mango chunks.

  • acai-bowl

    Acai Bowl

    Granola, strawberry, blueberry, banana and honey on the top

  • Bubble-Tea

    Bubble Tea

    make with fresh tea and non-dairy cream.

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